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Photomanip Mistakes - your help?!

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 3:27 AM

Hi everyone!

I was just thinking, there are some things in manips every beginner gets wrong at first (and even some of those who have been around a long time still struggle with). Off the top of my head, I can think of the following:

  • using the transform tool to squish something or (worse even) someone into place
  • problems with cutting out stock (light edges showing, hair/fur looking like plastic,...)
  • problems with blending images, mostly colours are off by miles and you can see that it's two images when you should be fooled into thinking it's just one
  • lighting issues, most common mistake not placing shadows (stuff seems to leviate) or placing them wrong
  • perspective is off completely (sizes of things relative to each other don't match)

I'd say there are more, I'm just not remembering them.

I would like to complete the list and maybe write an article about it or adress specific issues in a tutorial.

Can you help complete the list? Which were your rookie mistakes? What kinds of things do you still struggle with?

Your input would be much appreciated :heart:

PS: my tutorials and other resources can be found at kuschelirmel-stock :love:

Well, I've been more absent than I had planned for. Sorry about that, especially about my late answers to comments and notes. Seems these days I do little but work and sleep and eat.

So no wonder I only now realized I was tagged by Aeirmid to do the

DeviantArt Questionaire

How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I joined in October 2004, so it's gonna be 11 years soon :aww:

What does your username mean?

Ah well, that one takes a bit of explanation indeed :giggle: It's pronounced "kush-el-irmel". "kuscheln" is German for "to cuddle" and an irmel... that doesn't really exist, it's a made-up word my boyfriend once used to describe me and it stuck. Combining it with certain activities, you get a lot of different "aspects of an irmel": schlafeirmel (sleeping irmel), kocheirmel (cooking irmel) and of course kuschelirmel (cuddling irmel).

Describe yourself in three words.

easy-going, always laughing, Klugscheißer (German word for know-it-all) :D

Are you left or right handed?


What was your first deviation?

The first that's still in my gallery is

Zauberland by kuschelirmel

What is your favourite type of art to create?

photomanips and photography

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

painting - so I wouldn't be stuck with stock all the time (don't get me wrong, I love doing manips, but sometimes, a little more flexibillity would be cool)

What was your first favourite?

This one (and lots of her art, but she left and only the tutorial stayed online):

Tutorial: Beautiful Eyes 101 by vanity-insecurity

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Manips and paintings I guess. For example:

The Edge of Winter by cornacchia-art Fall Get up and Move by AquaSixio
Upon the eternal sleep by LuneBleu Memories by Iskander1989

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Oh goodness, don't make me choose :bucktooth: But if I have to mention some, I'll go with AquaSixio because his imagination and use of colours is extraordinary! (I am not mentioning manippers on purpose because I would unfairly forget someone.)

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Well, I have met the following:
quite a few people on a devmeet in Karlsruhe when I was really new, for example garrit
nighty and tsheva in 2007
YBsilon lives nearby and we went for something to eat and drinks after work twice so far (and I too would like to repeat that) :aww:
and of course ceeek who is a colleague of mine

I almost met Moonbeam13 in 2007, too, but it didn't work out, so that's still on my list ;)
And I used to chat a lot with fourteenthstar, memod, Moniquette and some others who I would love to meet in person!

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

dA folks have been here to talk to, to laugh with, to share my hobby and learn new stuff - so hell yeah, they had an impact, just not in such a singular way that you are probably aiming at :blink:

What are your preferred tools to create art?

My Nikon D90, Photoshop and my Wacom tablet :heart:

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

:confused: at home, at my desk. I'm not going to take it all with me ;P

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

I think that would be the Manip Challenges we used to host in the chat room - they'd run for a whole day and were tons of fun! (too bad I simply don't have that kind of time these days)



Thu Jul 30, 2015, 3:29 AM

I have been tagged by Elandria, so here is my Zig Zag Feature ^^

Here are the rules for participation 

1. You don't have to be tagged to participate!
2. If you are featured, you are TAGGED, and you MUST participate! Do it, guys!
3. No excuses!!
4. How to do it:  If you are a PHOTOMANIPULATOR, you must select 5 of your own favorite works and feature them. Feature ONE prominent stock photo and the name of the person who created it. (That means you'll have 10 total artworks in your feature.) If you are a STOCK PROVIDER, you must select 5 of your own favorite works and feature them. Tag your ONE favorite photomanipulator who used each stock image, and include their deviation that used your stock. (That means you'll have 10 total artworks in your feature.)
5. No tag-backs!
6. You have 24 hours.
7. Paste these rules at the top of your feature journal.

1. Dracoart-Stock

Wonderland by kuschelirmel More HDR Mushrooms 5 by Dracoart-Stock

2. Sinned-angel-stock 

Water Magic by kuschelirmel Praying over water by Sinned-angel-stock

3. rangercookiestock

Lost Without You by kuschelirmel Never the Bride 2 by rangercookiestock

4. CathleenTarawhiti

Tears In Heaven by kuschelirmel Danielle pink dress 30 by CathleenTarawhiti

5. Civetta70

Dreamwalking by kuschelirmel Ruine 2 by Civetta70


PS: I'm still alive...


Fri Apr 10, 2015, 5:28 AM by kuschelirmel:iconkuschelirmel:
Outlook by kuschelirmel

Did you know I create tutorials?

You can find them on kuschelirmel-stock, for example:

Manip Tips + Tricks - Glow Effect by kuschelirmel-stock Walkthrough - The Cathedral by kuschelirmel-stock The Call Walkthrough by kuschelirmel-stock Photography - Image Quality + Size by kuschelirmel-stock Manip Tips + Tricks: Pen Tool by kuschelirmel-stock The Lighting Tutorial - Part 1 by kuschelirmel-stock Manip T+T - Cutting Techniques by kuschelirmel-stock Flood it -Tutorial- by kuschelirmel-stock Manip T+T - Creating Fire by kuschelirmel-stock Manip T+T: Creating Textures by kuschelirmel-stock

and I even have video tutorials.
You can find those on my stock account as well as on my youtube channel :boogie:

For example:


Tagged - and now it's your turn

Wed Mar 11, 2015, 10:28 AM by kuschelirmel:iconkuschelirmel:
Outlook by kuschelirmel

Aeirmid tagged me, so now you have to listen to 10 facts about myself :giggle:

The Rules

1) You must post these rules 
2) Share 10 facts about yourself 
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag 
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in your journal
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that". 
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
7) No tag-backs. 
8) You can't say that you don't do tags. of course you can, but I'd love it if you did this anyway, pretty please :aww:
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments. 

My 10 facts

1. I'm an engineer, I build big plants and I love it :D Two of the plants I designed are actually running now and seeing that makes me really proud and feels satisfying.

2. I don't care much for birthday wishes and such. I find it unnecessary to be congratulated on something I had nothing to do with. Because of that, I have a terrible memory for other people's birthdays and miss them on a regular basis (or maybe the terrible memory came before that explanation, who knows). It's not meant to be rude, I just don't do that kind of social interaction well :shrug:

3. I'm German and I'm currently living in Frankfurt am Main, but I want to move back south to Karlsruhe where I used to study. What I love about Karlsruhe is the atmosphere in the city (it's full of students, sometimes it's even a little too "alternative" for my taste, but certainly more "mine" than Frankfurt with its banker clientele) and the way it is situated in between the Black Forest and France (I love to eat French food). Plus there are lakes all over the Rhine valley, too.

4. Short version: I hate that women quota thing that was just introduced for Germany. It feels like it makes things worse instead of being helpful.
Long version: I am big on equality, but not on feminism as such. I believe everyone should be treated equally, no matter their skin colour, religion, gender or whatever else. But if you make a decision for your life that makes you less qualified for a certain job than the next person, I firmly believe you have to live with the consequences (for example, if you choose to stay at home for your kids and when you get back to work, someone else gets the job you wanted because they are now more experienced than you because they didn't choose to stay at home). I think equality in that context should mean being able to actually make such a choice instead of being forced into doing one thing or other. In my example, it means you should be given the choice to stay at home or go back to work instead of being more or less forced to stay at home (reasons could be: no one wants a mum as employee because they could miss days when their kid is sick / you don't have the possibility to work because no one but you can watch the kid (grandparents live further away, kindergarten places are full and daycare is too expensive for example) / etc). If it would be clear that it's a personal choice to stay at home for a while and you need to live with your choices, I think most people could agree with that. And the dads would appreciate some time off to be with the kids sometimes as well. When "everyone is doing it" (staying at home for a few months to take care of the kids / going home early to fetch the kid from kindergarten or daycare / refusing to work through the weekend / etc) then the repercussions would be equally distributed and it would soon become normal. And probably a nicer way of life for everyone. And on top, no one would need some ridiculous quota of how many women need to be in a given position. Personally, I would hate to be "that woman who is just here because of the quota". I want to be the person who got the job because s/he was the right one to do it. (I really hate that quota thing - makes me feel like I need to shout "but I am here for my QUALIFICATIONS!" at every turn.)

5. I have a tattoo that starts at my right shoulder (a flower) across my whole back (butterflies and a phoenix) and ends on my left thigh (the tail feathers of the phoenix). I'd love to get my right arm done, but work comes first, so I don't. But each time I see a nice sleeve, I sigh a little ^^;

6. I love coffee and chocolate, especially chocolate. At work, near my desk, I have quite a few postcards with chocolate-related stuff on them. One says "Save the earth, it's the only planet with chocolate!" and another "Everything's good as long as it's made from chocolate" (which sounds a bit more elegant in German: "Alles ist gut wenn es aus Schokolade ist").

7. I've been watching waaaay too many cooking shows lately. On TV, on youtube, wherever I can get my hands on them ^^; 

8. I've been awol lately because my muse seems awol lately, too. I wish I could just flip a switch and create something new ^^; Any ideas?

9. I've been reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books since September. All of them in a row without pause :o I've never done that with any series (except maybe Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire - well I would have if their authors would have written them faster :giggle:) and now I'm on my second run through. That's how good I think they are :D

10. I love Whisk(e)y, even the smokey kind :drunk:

Jade's questions

1. What is your most bothersome weakness or vice?
I have a really big mouth and will voice my opinions loudly. In combination with being quick to judge (and thus speaking things out loud you just shouldn't be speaking out loud when you've just met someone) this can be rather awkward :bucktooth:

2. What is your biggest wish for DeviantArt?
*phew* maybe one not for dA as a site but for the users: chill out ;) But then again, that would be strange... :giggle: So don't change (too much), I like it here!

3. Chewbacca vs. The Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story . . . who makes a better pet/companion?
Der Glücksdrache Fuchur! (I may be biased though, I grew up with the Neverending Story)

4. Nerd, dork, or geek?
Nerd, after this diagram:… :D

5. What is the coolest thing about yourself that you wish more people would notice?
erm. I dunno. Did I mention I voice my opinions loudly? I also voice it when I think someone should notice something, at least to my friends. And if anyone else notices, I mostly don't care anyway. 

6. Be honest: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Haha. Fanfiction, I guess. Reading it and writing it (though it takes me ages to write, I still enjoy it immensely) -->…

7. How did you meet the most important person (or dog) of your life?
I met my boyfriend at university, in front of a lecture room. That was 13 years ago :aww: (no, we're not married)

8. Is it truly better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?
Yes. (I can be a hopeless romantic -- maybe that is the guiltier pleasure after all ^^;)

9. What have you always wanted to do but never thought you could?
I'd love to sing, but I know I can't ;)

10. How do you know me? What is our first memory as friends?
I was a CV and you were someone in the manip community who always tried to help others, so I asked you if you wanted to be the next CV when I'd step down. We had many a long chat on Skype after that :aww:

My questions

1. Name something you really love (nothing living, not an activity, an actual thing).
2. Now name something you love to do.
3. Name a topic you can get all worked up / passionate about.
4. If you could go on a 3 week vacation anywhere you wanted (money doesn't matter), where would you go?
5. Who shot first?
6. What is the piece of art in your own gallery that you are most emotional about (and why, if it's not too personal)?
7. Is there a piece of art / an artist (on dA or elsewhere) that has influenced your own artistic endeavors profoundly? If so, in which way?
8. What was your favourite subject in school and does your current job (or field of study) have anything to do with it? (if you are still in school, you could turn it around to the job you want to be doing later)
9. Are you happy?
10. Coffee or tea?

I tag

AlexandraVBach dholms Foxfires MarcelaBolivar neverdying grohsARTig Whendell zummerfish tsheva AquaSixio
I know some of you are busy bees and/or are on here only sporadically - but maybe you feel like doing a part of this, pretty-please? :flirty:


Tue Feb 3, 2015, 11:48 AM

Thank You + Obituary - things that need saying

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2015, 5:31 AM
Thank you everyone who thought of me on my birthday! I got some beautiful gifts (see at the bottom). However, the 7th of January was not just my birthday this year, it was the saddest day France has seen since the end of World War Two.

12 were killed at Charlie Hebdo (as you probably all know by now) for drawing cartoons... those cartoons may have been offensive, but no matter how offensive they might have been, nothing can ever justify the actions of the three men. Not on that day nor in the aftermath, as even more people (including police & innocent bystanders) were killed during their attempt to flee.

My heart goes out to the families and to all of France and Europe. I just hope that the hatred will not spiral out of control and that there will be enough voices of reason to not let the likes of Marine Le Pen or Pegida rule us in fear!

To you, who think that everyone wearing a headscarf or looking arabic in some other way, is somehow a criminal, I say: YOU ARE NOT THE PEOPLE! You are not fighting for freedom, you are fighting to errect walls! You do not listen to reason, you just listen to those who tell you what makes you feel better. If you need to put someone else down to feel better yourselves, I pity you.

And if you are one of those who think shouting "Lügenpresse" (lying press) and "Volksverräter" (traitor of the people)  - both of which come straight from Nazi propaganda speak - while claiming to be "merely concerned citizens speaking their minds" I say: fuck off! If you want to be heard, first learn to have a discussion instead of blindly yelling lines not even the yellow press would touch.

A discussion, btw, is not people yelling their opinion across the street. It's people engaging with one another and actually listenening to the other person's arguments. And being able to provide proof instead of feelings.

It would be a sad day for Europe if we succumbed to this shit. The three perpetrators of the Paris attack are NOT representative of all muslims or all *insertgroupofpeoplehere*. We do not need Europe on lockdown, everyone in a cloud of fear. we are free and we will stay this way!


Nous Sommes Charlie - About humans and monstersIts not east vs. west.
Its not Christians vs. Muslims.
The IS claims to fight for Allah: but they quit being muslim. Every human not working for IS is persued a "demon" and a legal target.
They quit being religious.
They quit being human.
Hunter S. Thomson wrote:
  "He who makes a beast out of himself, gets rid of the pain being a man."
These terrorists did. Long ago.
No muslim, no christian, no bahai, no jew, no buddist, no hindu, NO HUMAN would do this. Theres a border. If we cross it we become something different. We become a beast and we will never turn human again.
Its not east vs. west.
Its not Christians vs. Muslims.
It is Human vs. Monsters.
We are human - if we believe in a god or not, if we are male or female or beyond, if we live in Island or Malaysia, if we eat vegetarian or not - we are human, we want this to be a better world.
We want equality - so everyone can life their dreams.
We want respect - and a chance to earn it.
We want peace - so the days of fear might be
Je Suis Charlie by Brejchova Never give in to bullies. JeSuisCharlie by dem0n-be

Mature Content

#JeSuisCharlie by JulieCampan
#JeSuisCharlie by Julia-Huber Notinmyname by Djoz
#JeSuisCharlie by achaziel

:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 

To end on a happier note, again thank you for the birthday wishes (also on my stock account kuschelirmel-stock) and the lovely gifts :love: (I hope I didn't forget anyone!)

Fallen by Aeirmid
.:Shrouded Mystery:. by SummerDreams-Art Be careful! by SpellpearlArts
u p l i f t i n g by creativemikey Guardian of time by Sweetlylou
Cynthia's Birthday card by Jamie-Nicole
Beauty Of Butterfly by tinca2 Ice Queen 2015 by nudagimo


I just did something rather radical, rebellious even :wow:
Okay, okay, not all that rebellious... but radical, a wee tiny bit at least :giggle:
I unwatched all groups (except CRPhotomanipulation).


Because I was flooded with hundreds of deviations each day (yes, day, not week or month, day!) and I found that I was only seeing what everyone else was busy promoting instead of what the people I watch were doing. It seemed to me that my focus had gotten shifted by the introduction of groups -- not that I don't like groups and the oportunity they present to those new to dA who wouldn't otherwise be seen. But I watch over 900 deviants (including groups I guess) and that overwhelming flood is just too much to handle. And on top, I find myself stumbling into the galleries of long-time friends and going "oh, s/he's got something new! I didn't see that one, but it's so cool, how could I miss that?!".

The answer is mostly: the deviant in question is not actively promoting their art through groups (for whatever reason, including that it may be their hobby and they don't need/want the exposure so they spend their time elsewhere) and they are not "mainstream" enough or not known enough to have their art invited. So it doesn't show up a gazillion times in my dev watch, but only this once. And it gets buried under the flood of deviations that come through groups.

So, from now on, I'm going oldschool.

I'm going to be very, very picky about the groups I will watch (for example, I kept CRPhotomanipulation because it's the more-or-less official manip group and they are picky with accepting deviations). Instead of randomly accepting everything in my devwatch, I will make it a point to visit the groups I like (I hope I'll have some time over Christmas to make a list I can come back to and where others have the chance to comment and tell me what not to miss out on) and to focus first and foremost on the people I watch.

Which also means I might come by and press the watch button a little more frequently now ;)

If you know someone in the manip community I should not miss out on, please leave a comment!

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my latest deviations. Especilly with the Lea piece I was rather unsure if anyone but a Dresden fan would be able to see anything in it :heart:

And I got some comments on the water magic piece that seem to indicate that people would be interested in seeing how I did the glow and the rain effects and/or a speedie video on the creation of the lighting (which is all I have on record). I will see what I can do - Christmas is coming ;) If you are interested, my tutorials are uploaded to kuschelirmel-stock :heart:

Water Magic by kuschelirmel Dresden Files - Leanansidhe by kuschelirmel Tempus Fugit by kuschelirmel



..::La Luna::.. by Yosia82

A Grimm Tale by nina-Y

dronning af knoglen by eerilyfair

Epiphany by xetobyte

Shadow by ELK64

Seekers by Frama

Next stop: Earth by ErikShoemaker

Birth Of A Fairy by Manon-M

Secret Garden by Gwendolyn1

Paint it red by 1simplemanips1

The Four Horsemen by Paulo-Bert


Contest + Features

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 2:56 AM

I haven't been online much lately - actually, all I have done the past weeks was to upload some stock over at kuschelirmel-stock (and set up a contest - more on that below). I haven't even logged into this account since late September ^^;

So, just in case that happens again, if you need to get a hold of me, please send your note to kuschelirmel-stock as well.

Stock Use Contest

I am holding a "use my stock and win great prizes" contest over at my stock account - I would so love to see a lot of entries! It runs until January 1st and the only "theme" is that you use my stock :D

Some of the prizes offered are points (over 3000 points all together) and exclusive stock, for example:

Tuscany Exclusives 02 by kuschelirmel-stock Paris Exclusives Stock Pack by kuschelirmel-stock
Switzerland Exclusives Stock by kuschelirmel-stock Wild Horses Exclusives by kuschelirmel-stock by kuschelirmel-stock


- by Helga-Helleborus

Two Sins by alexnoreaga

Weeping of violin by MiloshJevremovic

We're not in Wonderland anymore Alice. by eikoweb

Kidnapped princesses island by cornacchia-art

Sentiently Natural by erlangwind

Purgatory II by a-pretty-white-lie

Brunnhilda by erlangwind

Silent hill by SergeyZabelin

Pyrokinesis by Gejda

Young Merlin by PerlaMarina

Lost Time by daniyalisatya

Soren by bagusradhityo

City of Music by MirellaSantana

PACEMAKER by missfotografie

Paradise by Kryseis-Art

Mother Of Dragons by Whendell

In Flame by zacky7avenged

Species 2 by alexnoreaga

Fragile by itznikki530


Something to Think About + Features

Sat Aug 9, 2014, 8:32 AM

Stats & Competition

I haven't been around much lately, but that doesn't mean I'm gone. I could never leave this place behind, it is so chock full of inspiration and beauty. Things that are sometimes hard to come by "in real life". But it is also a mirror of "real life" as there is the constant competition, the drive to to better than last time, better than the others, more than anyone else... measured in faves, watchers, comments whether you like it or not.

Personally, I like stats. It's just the way my brain works :bucktooth: And aside from that, I do get a kick out of seeing one of my works getting more faves / comments than another one. It's thrilling when you hit the zeitgeist (or however you wanna call it). And if you are trying to sell your art, hitting that zeitgeist is invaluable. I do however think that some people are way too focused on those numbers.

After all, what does a pageview mean? It means sommeone clicked your name. it doesn't mean he stopped to look at anything at all. And it doesn't mean they looked at your gallery. A comment can be hollow, only given so you will give one back (regardless of content), a fave can be dealt out in "drive by mode". And still, it makes us happy to see those numbers increase. It is everyone's own choice how much or how little they read into that, though.

What do you think about stats?

Do you use them to optimze your sales? Do you just feel giddy if something works out? Do you think they're useless?

For myself, I have long since decided to treat manips as my hobby. This leaves me free to do as I please, when I please. But that does not make me completely  immune to the competitive aspect of dA. I like to try new things, be inspired, get new perspectives - and when I do not achieve what I set out to do, I still feel frustrated. Even art blocks are still here, though thankfully not as frequent as they used to be.

How do you handle competitiveness?

Does it urge you on or does it block you?


I dreamed a dream by evenliu

Alive by AngelesRR

River's tale by JonathanDufresne

Poppy... by Takir

Temptation Past by kimsol

Fragile by itznikki530

In Flame by zacky7avenged

Exotic Tribal Fusion portrait by ViridRain

Species 2 by alexnoreaga


News + (late) Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 24, 2014, 8:25 AM

Maybe (hopefully ;P) some of you were wondering where I had disapeared to - the answer is Lago di Garda :D

Lago di Garda by kuschelirmel

[view from Rocca di Manerba - click to enlarge]

It was a nice, relaxed vacation (if you don't count the traffic jams on the way back over the Brenner - next time, we'll drive through Switzerland like we always do) - just one week, but the weather was (surprisingly) good and the relaxation-effect was enormous. I think that may be to blame on good food and drink :D

Anyway, before I went on my vacation, the "In Roman Times" Contest was concluded and I actually forgot to distribute the prizes I had promised ^^; Sorry!!! Better late than never - and now without further ado:

In Roman Times Contest - More Intermediate / Advanced

1st Place: Mr-Ripley

Burning Rome by Mr-Ripley

On Golden Pond by Mr-Ripley Romantic Night on a Hill by Mr-Ripley I Can't Stand the Moon by Mr-Ripley

2nd Place: naradjou14

point de repere de roman by naradjou14

Stand and Resiste by naradjou14 new day in my room by naradjou14 Music Storm by naradjou14

3rd Place: RohMah1

In Roman Times by RohMah1

The Fall by RohMah1 Mechanical Birth by RohMah1 Calvin and Hobbes by RohMah1

Honorable Mentions:

My Ancestors by Wesley-Souza  In Rome by sekiqIl Generale by DriPoint

In Roman Times Contest - Beginner / Light Intermediate

1st Place: Kibblywibbly

Roman Times - The Homecoming by Kibblywibbly

Sunset at the ruins...... by Kibblywibbly My friend is..........a MONSTER! by Kibblywibbly Some Bunny Special! by Kibblywibbly

2nd Place: Tegori

the fall by Tegori

rust by Tegori the magic has come by Tegori Christmas contest -silent night by Tegori

3rd Place: Dejavuestudios09:

The Empire shall rise again by DejavuEstudios09

My little paradise by DejavuEstudios09 Wondering about the future by DejavuEstudios09 Hidding in the bush by DejavuEstudios09

Honorable Mentions:

THE  TIME  PORTAL by MataHari22 Rome by EpicMisterMag
The Gladiator Twins by recareta


Skin by SimplySilent

Tagged + Chibi Version

Thu Jun 5, 2014, 9:15 AM

I was tagged by Aeirmid who already altered some rules and I am doing the same ;P Plus, mine has extra Chibis :D

Da Rulez

  1. You must post these rules.
  2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
  3. Answer the 10 3 questions asked to you and invent 10 3 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
  4. Choose the 10 7 people and put them on your journal.
  5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged; No longer necessary thanks to dA's Mentions system.
  6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
  7. You have to legitimately tag 10 7 people.
  8. No tag-backs.
  9. You can't say you don't do tags.

10 things about me and my life:

  1. I'm an engineer and true to this, I'm a very practical person.
  2. I'm often torn between wanting to get some new clothes / shoes / etc and finding going out to get them too much work (also a true engineer) - so I do online shopping a lot ^^; When I do go out to get something, I often end up with nothing of what I set out for and settle for coffee and people-watching instead :giggle:
  3. I have never been discriminated in my job or at uni for being a woman. I may have been lucky - or it may have something to do with engineering being a discipline where in general, what you know counts more than who you are (or who your parents are etc) - or I may just not be very receptive to that stuff to begin with (if I hear something idiotic, I will tell whoever said it what I think; if I get teased for anything, I will tease back etc - you could call it good self esteem or simply having a big mouth ;))
  4. My vacation starts on Friday the 13th of June - Lago di Garda, here I come!
  5. I get cold very easily and as soon as my toes are freezing it takes ages for me to get warm again. Thankfully, summer is here now and for the next few months I won't have to worry about keeping warm.
  6. I don't like labels because they (pretty much) always fall short. For example, I may be an engineer / a woman / a photomanipulator / etc but I hardly can be reduced to any one of those things. Also, labels tend to help with stereotypes: an image may be clicheed / dark / the girl-in-dress-in-cemetary-kind / ... but just because one of those things fits, doesn't mean I automatically (have to) like it or dislike it.  But I (like everyone else) use labels all the time because they simplify things. I just hate it when in some arguments, nothing but labels are used and no one dares say anything going against the current trend of how to view those labels because they can't be bothered to actually have a discussion (which would be time consuming and distract them from whatever is important today). And I hate it when I find myself thinking "ugh, I shouldn't use this model / background / whatever because it will lead to a manip that is unoriginal" - because let's face it, that's then all in my head and has nothing to do with what I *could* actually do with that stock.
  7. I wish people would stop talking about being tolerant and fucking act like it instead.
  8. I wish artists would stop selling their art for a dime a dozen - a commission no matter how low the price may be great for your ego, but it destroys the market prices for everyone else, specifically for those who actually do this for a living. And for the love of god, stop falling for the "this will be great advertisement for you"-line that always comes with the "unfortunately I cannot pay you for your efforts"-line. Also see this wonderful journal.
  9. What's up with people doing crowdfunding for stuff at least I would consider to be nothing but luxury? And why do other people actually give them money in those cases? I don't get it. I always thought if I want something, say go on holidays, buy a gadget or clothes or shoes etc, I needed to earn (and save) money to do so and not beg others because, hey, if I have to save up for it, it'll take fucking ages, *doh* :o Appartently, it's all about marketing these days. So: would you please give me money because I so badly want to go to the caribbean islands - I'll bring home some stock pics for you, too! *prettyplease*
  10. I love butterflies and chocolate and strawberries and sitting on the balcony in summer with good food and a glass of wine or cocktails with some company to discuss anything and everything until it's too cold to stay outside :love:

3 Questions from Aeirmid for me to answer:

  • What was your first thought when you got out of bed this morning?
Ugh. No.
  • What 3 words describe you best?
tenacious, vocal, colourful
  • What would you like your last words to be?
I don't think about such things and I'm not going to start now ;) So no answer to this one

3 Questions for you to answer:

  • What is your favourite place to go on vacation to (i.e. where you have already been and (would) love to go back to)?
  • If money and time was no issue, what would be your dream vacation?
  • Do you use the chat network on dA? If so, where do you chat?

One additional (optional) "task"

...if you like...

Use this to create a Chibi of yourself :D

Mine is here:

7 People I tag:

:icontriziana: :iconceeek: :iconkimsol: :iconkingabritschgi: :iconarrsistable: :iconneverdying: :icontalty:

(if you have already done this or simply don't have the time, no worries - it should be done for fun or not at all)

In Space Contest Winners

Sun Mar 30, 2014, 8:46 AM

1st Place

MAYDAY by peroni68

peroni68 with "MAYDAY"

more from this artist:

Arachnophobia therapy by peroni68 Lost in Fashion by peroni68 Free Spirit by peroni68

2nd Place

In Space by Wesley-Souza

Wesley-Souza with "In Space"

more from this artist:

Happy Thoughts Make you Fly by Wesley-Souza  A Wonderful Dream by Wesley-Souza The Goddess of Darkness by Wesley-Souza

3rd Place

Dome by Dani-Owergoor

Dani-Owergoor with "Dome"

more from this artist:

Heaven's Gate by Dani-Owergoor Long Way To Home by Dani-Owergoor Mayan Mysteries by Dani-Owergoor

Honourable Mentions

Farewell by vs3a  <da:thumb id="431872085"/> SUPER NOVA by CaoChiNhan


Advanced Lighting Video Tutorial

Sat Mar 1, 2014, 9:28 AM

I finally managed to cut the raw material and
add voice narration and some captions :heart:

I suggest to view it on the deviation page at my stock account in 720p
(otherwise everything is really tiny)

I hope you'll find it useful :love:

Thank you for all the positive feedback on the artwork that goes with this,
Beneath the Tulips. :heart:

Beneath the Tulips by kuschelirmel

I am now also on

youtube Icon Youtube

so if you like the video, pop by and give it
a thumbsup (or whatever it is you do there)
--> kuschelirmel <--

Back + Promo + Features

Fri Feb 14, 2014, 9:49 AM

Wohooo! :w00t:

How are you my lovlies? -- no, I am not drunk ;P Just in a good mood (but I will open a bottle of wine in a minute :giggle:)

Aaanyway, I was kinda "gone" for the last three weeks: first out with a cold, then wrapped up in cooking dinner last Saturday for friends, then moving with the office (a company of ~ 700 people moving to a different bulding will manage to stress you no matter how well organized it is from "above" - and how well exactly we'll see on Monday) and trying to rekindle my muse (who thought it was funny to just up and run with this so-called winter doing nothing to improve my mood)...

For the rekindling, I found some cool stock and managed to create Beacon and Mary had a little Lamb. Both are very different in style, but I like them both. For the latter, I used chronolapse, a free software, to record my progress and upload a time lapse video of it. You don't see that much (it was a first experiment), but I think it's fun to watch nevertheless.

I'd love to see others use this, too! Will you? If you do, link me to it, I'll put together a feature :dance:

Promotion 1

TheVoiceOfManips is a wonderful project overseen by TriZiana where you will get all relevant info on the manip community on deviantArt! Be sure to watch the group and provide Leana with suggestions as to what you want to see :love: The first two episodes are on youtube, but the next ones should be on dA :aww:

Promotion 2

Contest Time! Our wonderful stockers YBsilon-Stock, EveLivesey and :devcdstock: have devised a contest that will make your heart thump faster (see what I did there?!): In Space is the theme and you have to use three stocks minimum - one per stock provider hosting the contest.
Aaaand speaking of prizes: all those who enter will receive a surprise pack from YBsilon-Stock - so what are you waiting for?!


Just some images that have recently caught my eye :heart:

Keeper by Drake1024

Dark Preacher by geduliss Little Garden by Kryseis-Art Ms-Majestic by Mr-Xerty

Ophelia by Blavatskaya

O b l i v i o n by Aeternum-designs 7b by 25kartinok On the rise by TARGETE

Aesthetic Intervention by Shades-Of-Lethe

The regal chapters by MarcelaBolivar Deep in the Forest by Aeternum-designs Void by JamesLedgerConcepts

Queen of the Damned by StarsColdNight

what a beautiful excuse by AquiloniusLupus All These Memories by Cosmas Peacock by alexnoreaga

spam! by SoulcolorsArt


CIC Winners + Judges

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 23, 2014, 8:41 AM

Before we come to the winners, I wanted to thank everyone who participated - it was so cool to see what you all came up with :love: All entries can be found here. The prizes are listed in the Contest Journal - you will be contacted :aww:

Time to meet...

The Judges

At first I wanted to make sure no one whose art was used as inspiration would be judging, but after seeing entries based on my own work, I thought I would level the playing field and invite some of those who were chosen as inspirations:

:iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconneverdying: :iconkingabritschgi: :iconcgsoufiane:

plus myself.

Thank you for helping me judge this - it was not easy!

Now without further ado, the winners:

1st Place

The Threads of Life by kimsol

kimsol with Threads of Life

More from this Artist:

Woodlands Gathering by kimsol Doombringer by kimsol Cars from Mars by kimsol

2nd Place

Goddess of the Woods by Carlos-Quevedo

Carlos-Quevedo with Goddess of the Woods

More from this Artist:

For You by Carlos-Quevedo <da:thumb id="422962085"/> Darkness Princess by Carlos-Quevedo

3rd Place

Marise by Flobelebelebobele

Flobelebelebobele with Marise

More from this Artist:

Theresa by Flobelebelebobele I hate bugs by Flobelebelebobele Shoot the dentist by Flobelebelebobele

Honourable Mentions

Augurum by erimu <da:thumb id="421023302"/> Terra Vulgaris by brietolga

Vivian, the Lady of the Lake by annewipf Touch by AbbeyMarie  <da:thumb id="425539533"/>

Dealing with no God by passion-aesthete rain in the city by ZedLord-Art


PS: you will be contacted for your prizes shortly!

Skin by SimplySilent

CIC Closed + Other Stuff + Features

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 12, 2014, 2:41 AM

Creative Inspiration Contest - Closed

Wow! I have to say it again - wow!

Wow!  32 Entries!!!  Wow! 

You blow me away!

Okay, enough incoherent babbling ;) I think it's already fair to say that the Creative Inspiration Contest was a huge success! I was also able to get some great judges, but I will only announce them (hopefuly) next week when the end results are in. :D  Until then I wanted to say THANK YOU! to everyone who entered!

Another huge thank you

Goes to everyone who was kind enough to think of my birthday and leave a comment or even dedicate me an image! I am terrible with remembering birthdays myself (even if they are shoved in my face at the side of my message center), so I really do appreciate it when others do!

Journal Skin January

You may have noticed that I have been absent from this account more or less the whole January. One reason was that I didn't want to put a journal up that would kick the contest journal from my userpage, but that doesn't explain the lack of deviations, of course.

Well, bradleysays has launched the Journal Skin January project and since I have been wanting to do more in that department and just needed a friendly kick in the butt, I am participating and coding like crazy. And not just coding - redoing some of my css tutorials to fit with the gruze style coding.

The first skin is up (second to follow today / tomorrow) as well as a gruze css guide (more for advanced users, but as I said, I'm working on redoing some tuts)

Underwater CSS by kuschelirmel-stock Gruze Style Journal CSS - a guide by kuschelirmel-stock  Skeleton Journal With Comments/*--------------------------------------------------------------------
Blank Journal (gets rid of all tiny images and preset backgrounds, borders, margins & paddings)
* {background: transparent; border: none; margin: 0; padding: 0;}
.gr-top img, .gr1, .gr2, .gr3, .tri {display: none;}
a {font-weight:normal;}
a.external {text-decoration:none!important;}
a.external:after{display: none!important;}
Journal Design overall (you can put font, background colour, border etc for the whole journal in gr-box -- the other tags are optional to style, but as they work with the menu it makes sense to include them)
.gr-box {}
a {}
a:hover {}
blockquote {}
h1 {}
h2 {}
h3 {}
h4 {}
ul {}
ul li {}
ol {}
ol li {}

And I want to show you my favourites from the project so far:

.:Morning Glow by ginkgografix  Welcome to the future! by pica-ae Surreal Journal CSS v3 by SimplySilent

Feature Time!

Sky by s0ggywaffls Ineffable by MirellaSantana

Thanatos by Yoann-Lossel The Conquest by Nikulina-Helena Wildfires by saftkeks13

A Whole New No by TsaoShin Boat by Katie-Watersell

Intuitive Perception by Ash-3xpired Illustration by HuntAng Lion-Mighty by Mr-Xerty

Little Red Riding Hood? by Vasylina

Bloody Zodiac. Libra by Vasylina Falling Angel by eerilyfair Never Let Go by ReyeD33


Skin by SimplySilent

The Creative Inspiration Contest [closed]

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 9, 2013, 1:55 AM

12.1.2014: Contest is now closed
Thank you for all the wonderful entries!!!

11.1.2014: Only today left! Get your entries in!

Edit 24.11.13: Updated prizes + put the date in proper format; updated rules - one line added:
"Entries that keep too closely to the inspirational source (i.e. the ones that basically copy the image by just switching the stock) will be rejected."

I have decided to wait a little longer before adding any judges so you are not limited by maybe wanting to avoid certain people as inspirational sources ;)
Edit 4.12.13:
Please, please, please, read the rules before you start!
I hate to decline work on the grounds of formalities (especially when I can see you put a lot of effort
in your work) - this includes the DO NOT COPY part!
Edit 14.12.13: Updated prizes :)

The Idea

When we browse dA, we constantly get inspired to create something ourselves. Sometimes this inspiration is very obvious, for example liking a colour scheme or lighting concept in another piece and trying to use that in ones own creation. Sometimes the inspiration is more obscure, for example when you see an image and its theme resonates with you and pushes you to create something of your own that catches that mood or atmosphere.

For this contest, I challenge you to browse deviantArt (any category) and find a deviation or an artist that inspires you. Then you create something based on this inspiration, but without copying the deviation or actually using it in your entry. Describe in your artist's comment how your image was inspired by the one you chose and link the deviation you were inspired by.
This does NOT mean you should go out there and find an image to copy or incorporate - it means you should find an aspect of an image and use it in your own art: the colour scheme, the atmosphere, the topic, the way perspective was used, a certain technique you want to try for yourself,...

We want to see your creative interpretations of your inspiration!

- Note: This is a contest for photomanipulators only (mixed media allowed as long as the main part is a manip) -

The Contest

  • Theme: Creative Inspiration - show us what inspires you!
  • Medium: Photomanipulation (with additional digital media if you want - but the main part has to be a manip)
  • Deadline: The contest runs from November 9th, 2013 until January 11th, 2014 23:59 CET --> countdown
  • Judges: :iconkuschelirmel:  more to be announced soon
  • What we will be judging on: Of course your entry needs to fit the theme, brining your inspiration into a deviation of your own, using photomanipulation (with additional digital media if you want). We'll be looking at creativity and technical skills (like blending, use of light and shadows in a logical mannor, etc).
Reading Make sure you read the rules below carefully to avoid having your entry rejected!

The Rules

  • The entry has to be a photomanipulation - that means it has to use photos: at least two and they have to come from an actual camera (i.e. no "in game photography" like you can do in Second Life for example). Also, for this, 3D stock does not count. You can however use any other digital techniques to finish your piece off. Meaning you can add some 3D stock, painted elements, fractals, or whatever else you like BUT the main part has to be a photomanipulation or it will not be accepted.
  • Crediting all your stock sources is a must (if you use your own images, please say so)! It should go without saying that the stock sources have to be legitimate stock, but it seems I have to point it out anyway. If you are unsure about which stock you can use and what is not stock at all, please read Of Copyrights & Premades as well as Photomanipulation for Beginners. This also means that if you use pre-cut stock or premades you need to be sure that the original images were either shot by the resource provider or provided by sources that allow such use. Taking images from google, or other stockers who do not allow redistribution is a no-no!
  • You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once. If you want to avoid competing against yourself, you might want to choose just one entry, your best.
  • In your artist's comment, include the deviation you chose as your inspirational source (with link or thumb) as well as some explanation on what inspired you and what you were trying to do with your entry.
  • The inspirational source has to be a deviation or an artist from dA - no outside sources allowed.
  • The inspirational source deviation may not be used directly in your manip or if you choose an artist as inspiration none of his work may be used in your entry- it is just there to provide inspiration, not to be copied or used as stock. Entries that keep too closely to the inspirational source (i.e. the ones that basically copy the image by just switching the stock) will be rejected. You can use an image from the resources category or a resource artist as inspiration, but you cannot incorporate the image(s in the artist's gallery) into your entry - that would be too easy, sorry. You cannot use other people's artwork as a basis for any photomanipulation - this is a copyright infringement. 
  • You need to show us the inspirational source by linking it in your artist's comment.If it's a deviation, please use a direkt text link or thumb, if it is an artist, use :devartistname: or :iconartistname:. Also, please add a few lines about why you chose this particular deviation or artist and how this has influenced your entry (we want to know your thought process behind the piece because the connection does not have to be blatantly obvious).
  • Your artist's comment needs to include a statement that this is an entry for the Creative Inspiration Contest held by kuschelirmel.
  • The entry has to be made for this contest and this contest alone - uploaded after the start date and before the deadline and only submitted to this contest, not to multiple other ones.

How to Enter

Upload your image on dA (photomanipulation category) and specify in the artist's comment that this is an entry for the Creative Inspiration Contest held by kuschelirmel. Don't forget to include a little information about how your contest entry relates to your chosen inspirational deviation / artist as well as the deviation (with link or thumb) or artist (with  :devartistname: or :iconartistname:).
Finally, Note note me on my main account kuschelirmel with your entry so I can add it to the Contest Collection.
All entries can be found here :heart:

The Prizes far...

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

There will also be journal features for honorable mentions.

Thank you to the lovely donators! :love:
If anyone else feels like donating, please contact me via note (I'd rather have a note so I can keep track more easily than with comments) - no llamas please!



Till Death Do Us Apart by kuschelirmel

"Till Death Do Us Apart" was inspired by the work of
J-u-d-a-s and his way to use muted colours :

T h e C r o w m a N by J-u-d-a-s .: The ghost in yoU :. by J-u-d-a-s Harmony... by J-u-d-a-s

If you have another example I could add here, please let me know :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent


Winners Planetary Mythology Competition

Here are the winners of the Planetary Mythology Competition (again sorry for the delay - my prizes will be sent out shortly):
First Place:
Poseidon - God of the Sea by Wesley-Souza

Sweet Girl and the Guardian by Wesley-Souza Sweet Dreams My Dear by Wesley-Souza The Goddess of Darkness by Wesley-Souza
Second Place:
Pluto. Ambitions of World domination by lombrascura

Spell by lombrascura Hunting by lombrascura Pumpkin Pixie by lombrascura

Third Place
Space Birth of Venus by PerlaMarina

mermaid's body art by PerlaMarina The Dragon's Egg by PerlaMarina Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo by PerlaMarina

Honorable Mentions:

Hades by AbbeyMarie EROS and PSYCHE by babsartcreations 
Poseidon - Ruler of the Seas by llinute Mars by annewipf Life on Neptune by Charlene-Art

MOAR Contests around dA

These are still ongoing (partially not for all that much longer, so hurry if you want to enter!)

Halloween Contest!!!! Prizes update + Folder fixedHi guys,
I'm a bit late, but here it is. This years annual Halloween Contest.
HALLOWEEN!!!!! need I say more?
17 October 2013 - 16 November 2013
Bullet; White Only Photo Manipulations are allowed
Bullet; White It's only a photo manipulation if you use 2 or more different stocks
Bullet; White You must one at least 1 of the stocks in this folder
Bullet; White All stock must be properly credited (direct link to the stock item included)
Bullet; White Your entry must be relevant to the theme
:bulletwhite: Submit here (I fixed it, you should be able to submit now. If you have any troubles, please note me)
Spotlight1st Place
Bring out your dead side
Ever had that feeling, that a portrait is watching you? No matter where you stand in the room its gaze seems to follow you,.. staring... waiting...
We invite you to join us in making a grand collection of horrific hounds, voluptuous vampires, and ghoulish ghostly portraits this Halloween in best Haunted House style!
Its time to unlock your inner Dorian Grey, and all those other creepy strange ancestors, cousins, uncles, aunts and grannies that the family don't like to talk about!
Even if you aren't normally a model stock provider - or if you don't usually provide stock at all, this is your chance to dip your toe in the murky waters and have a go! Bring out your face paints and props and make a dashing Halloween portrait entry! The more creative you are, the more creative the results of the second half of the contest will be!



WHY to get noticed on dA

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 5, 2013, 9:59 AM

There are tons of articles out there that describe what you should do to get noticed on dA. The advice contained pretty much comes down to "if you are active, people will notice you":

  • fave other people's art - they might fave yours back
  • comment on other people's art - they might return the favour
  • use your comments to actually talk to the other artist; don't just say "wow", but tell them why you liked their art; give critiques
  • use the chats & forums
  • use your own journal to its full advantage (tell people about yourself / art features / ...)
  • take care to make your userpage nice-looking and informative
  • give out llama badges
  • find some groups to submit your art to
  • and don't forget to actually post something to your gallery regularly

While all of this is certainly true (seeing as when you don't put your name - with the attached link to your page - out there, no one will have a chance to find you to begin with), the question that remains for me is:


Why do you want to get noticed?

What about you should others be noticing?

Why are you here?

Are you here for your art? Do you think it could use some improvement? Yes? Then you probably want to get noticed to get some help and encouragement or simply some feedback which doesn't necessarily need to be novel-length comments with tons of useful critique - sometimes a "great work" comment can make your day, too.

Or maybe you are here to find some likeminded people; friends at best, or "just" some acquaintances to share your hobby. Maybe you are someone who likes to help others with their art or with the site or by providing resources.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that most of us are here for a combination of art feedback and friendships.

But of course there are also those of us who have made art their profession (or plan to at least) and for whom dA is more than a "I show you mine, you show me yours" platform. They are here to promote their art on a completely different level. They use dA as a portfolio, as calling card and digital mark. And sometimes as a sandbox for new ideas to test if they work for a broader audience (or if they just work in their heads). Some focus more on their art while others also put a big emphasis on interacting with their watchers and viewers. 

All of the above is what has shaped this site into what you see today. That is why you can get into conversations over giving llama badges or share muro doodles or have the ability to give critiques through a special feature. It's why you can customize your journals to suit your personality and it's the reason there are so many different sub-groups on dA that each have their own unique communities. It's why we have the Commission feature or the possibility to upload Premium Content. The reason we have a Stock & Resources section on this site and so much more.

deviantArt is ALL of this.

Not just one aspect, but all. However, the individual deviant will always choose the aspects of the site that are most important to him or her:

  • If you are here to admire art and support others, you probably will not upload a whole lot of art yourself or the kind of art you upload shifts toward resources and deviantArt related items.
  • If you are here because you want to improve your art, you will probably want to concentrate on creating art and sharing it with a more select group of people so you can get the feedback you are looking for (think beginner groups with challenges or a focus on tutorials / resources).
  • If you are the type who loves chat rooms (and have the free time), then of course you will jump at the chance to use the dAmn network to find others to interact with (art, friendship, laughs - whatever topic, there's something for everyone).
  • And if you have something to sell, then you will surely put great emphasis on a neat looking userpage and concise journals with information on how to contact you, what you have to offer etc.

I could go on endlessly, my point is this:

Everyone comes here with something in mind and the part where you try to get into contact with the rest of the
community often is not so much about getting yourself noticed than about finding your place on this large
site. A place where your very personal needs are fulfilled and not some generic
"ideal" of "getting noticed" just for the heck of it.

I am talking about all of this, because I have the feeling that more often than not, people on here forget why they came here in the first place. And suddenly, we have users wandering about the site with only one big goal: becoming more popular. To them, popularity is the be-all and end-all. They do everything they do just to get more watchers / faves / comments / pageviews, but why they want that so badly, they couldn't say.

So the question remains:

Why are you here?

I know this article is does not deal with every last aspect of why people can be here, what they (may) seek here and why they might think "becoming popular" (whatever that may mean) is the biggest goal. It does touch the main aspects as far as I can see at this point though and I would very much love to discuss your view on this in the comments, but before you jump in, please finish reading.

Some more explanation on why I am picking this topic up
(please read if you are interested in joining the discussion):

My personal view is that I cannot be happy in this community unless I find out what I personally want from it. For me, it has always been a mix between

  • showing others my art (which in real life, no one is interested in as much as the people here are - that's not to say my friends and family don't care, they do, but they have a different approach to this and I am very glad I have people here who share my hobby),
  • helping those new to manips (because that is what dA has done for me and I want to give it back) and
  • trying to keep a circle of friends here who appreciate my critiques / feedback / comments as much as I appreciate theirs (because giving random critiques is unbelievably frustrating when you try to give one to a deviant who can't deal with them, no matter how sensible you are -- I found I do not need the drama).

Those interests can also change with time, for example when I first got here (and had more time for dA) I loved the chat rooms - today, I don't recognize the names of those sitting in my favourite ones (provided they still exist). But it is okay: my life has changed and so has what I want/need from this site.

What I have never been able to understand (and maybe someone wants to enlighten me) is why "being noticed" for the heck of it is so important. I'm not talking about seeing a piece receive many faves and enjoying the feeling - I'm talking about those groups people can join where you can swap or even buy watchers / faves / comments (using points). If you are only doing something because you either want the points or because you also want another watcher / fave / comment, then what does the fact that you just got a watcher / fave / comment mean when you get down to it? To me that could never be as flattering as getting any of the above just because the other person saw my art and spontaneously felt the need to watch / fave / comment, but it seems to me to others this matters a great deal more. But why?

I have the feeling that those who do feel so strongly about "getting noticed" by any means necessary are not as many as it sometimes feels like. I think some people have just never asked themselves what they want from this site - why they are here - and kinda just "go with the flow". This being a very large site with countless sub-communities it is easy to get lost and think that once you become popular, you will stop being lost. But in my opinion, unless you find out where you want to be, this feeling might always sneek up on you, no matter how "visible" you are on the outside.

I hope I'm making sense here and I'm very much looking forward to your comments!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Why are you here?


 PS: I'm a bit behind on answering your comments, but I will get to every single one - promise!

Articles and Links
Photomanipulation for Beginners

an article about what photomanipulation is and what you need to try it - and on the ever so important issue of "where do I get pictures to play with?"

--> read article <--


Of Copyright & Premades
is an article that strives to explain what copyright means, who it protects and that simply putting work into something will not make using something without permission okay.

Know your Basics - article series:

A series of articles that try to explain some basics in art that you may or may not have heard of before but didn't know what to do with them. All of them are written especially for photo- manipulators, but the principles should hold true in any genre.

--> Know your basics - Colour Theory <--
--> Know your basics - Composition <--
--> Know your basics - Perspective <--
--> Know your basics - Textures <--

Tutorial Treasury

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