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December 28, 2007
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Switzerland Collage by kuschelirmel Switzerland Collage by kuschelirmel
This was my mum's Christmas present - printed at 60x25cm and framed :D

When we were in Switzerland on holidays she said to me: "I would love it if you could make something 'the way you do' with the pictures from the holidays." and I said "sure" and was planning on doing it right when we got back. But you know the way inspiration comes and goes on its own terms, so it got finished in early December instead.

I've come to realize that with my own photos, I need to get some distance from the actual picture taking before I can manipulate them into something new - if I try right away I always think "but it was beautiful the way it was" and nothing seems to do it justice ^^;

Some technical stuff at last: as I said above, the original is 60x25cm at 300dpi and I used pictures taken by myself during the holidays in Switzerland in September (including the marmot - it was the only one I even saw because they were shy... hunting season will do that) - the only pics not taken in Switzerland are the clouds (they're from around here) as it just was not cloudy in the least hehe. You may even recognize one part or other from my gallery ;)

Sorry for the watermark, but as I had to upload a rather big picture so you can see what's on it, I thought it better to protect it a bit more than usual.
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Awesome work!
Great work! Theres at least one region in Shitzerland that I know of where you can see plenty European marmots. They're not shy, but when they smell your odor they hide =D
hic hic!! :cry:

That's my home!!! I live there for 6 years and even now that I've moved back to Australia for 2 years, it's still home for me! :cry:
shell4art May 1, 2008  Professional Photographer
I decided to thank and encourage the dear deviants who have encouraged me. You have been featured here [link] Thank you so very much!
kuschelirmel May 2, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you - I'm flattered :heart:
that's so pretty!
what a lovely gift for your mum!
Mmm, its a very amazing almost watercolour-ish digital triptych. I am sure your mother really loves it
kuschelirmel Mar 20, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she sure does :love:
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