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April 26, 2009
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Daydream Believer - webdesign by kuschelirmel Daydream Believer - webdesign by kuschelirmel
I've actually gotten around to coding the layout for my photomanip blog Daydream Believer using this as a header.

I will eneable critiques, because I need input, but PLEASE read this first:
You can find the working version here, remember that this is still under construction and things may change from the way they are shown in the preview. Things I still want to fiddle with include the "tags"-line under each post (it's dull I think) as well as things within the main content box such as how images are displayed when the float to the sides etc. Some colours also need to be looked at. The whole theme is a wordpress theme (if anyone has any sleek tips, I'd surely appreciate them as I'm very new to this).

Oh and I just saw I didn't include the blog's name anywhere ^^; Should I fix that and if so, where would you put the name (Daydream Believer) and where would you put the tag-line "the photomanip blog" (if you were to include that)?

>> if you choose to offer critique, please tell me how to make things better, don't just say "I don't like that pinkish colour, meh" ;P
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This is a beautiful and well thought out layout. It looks very functional while still fun to look at.

I would definitely include the name of the blog. I think I would put it offset a little under the "home, about, store, contact" links at the top maybe.

The only things I would change other than the title would be the search bar and the border around the content box. The search bar being wider than its column looks less than ideal in my opinion. Would it be feasible to put it down by the subscribe box, and formatted similarly? I think it's stark appearance takes away from the prettyness at the top of the page and would look better fit to the column. I also think the content box needs a border of some kind, maybe a subtle, 1 pixel one like around the navigation column? It looks a little abrupt with no border.

Again, this is a stunning layout. Love the tag cloud at the bottom, the header, the font choices... It is amazing!
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Okay first impression was: WoW! It looked clean, smooth and I love the vectors you used making it elegant yet exciting and fresh. The color of the background is not a dominant color, which is a good thing, but luckily also not white which would look old-fashioned. The high quality of the banner makes the overall look of the work very "classy". Now to the couple of things I have noticed that went wrong. I am on a Mac using the newest OSX, surfing on the newest Firefox version. When I go on the site, the lettering like "Subscription" on the sidebar, goes over the sidebar into the main frame which is a bummer. This also goes for a couple of other words that overframe their "box". Also, I dislike how the subheaders of each categories, for example "Categories" under "Navigation" are on the very right, it makes it look messy. (I do understand why you did it, to make it more exciting, but here I would say it is better if aligned to the left side). Also, as you mentioned yourself: The name of the website should be somewhere in the banner. Maybe a nice, elegant white overlay of the title or something could work. Otherwise: Top notch, it looks really great! Good job =)
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BeachsideBlue Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009
This has to be by far the nicest wp blog I have ever seen. It's elegant yet not simplistic. Wow.
huytoan Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
Definitely beautiful but in term of usability, there are some problems:
- I don't know where I am on the site (which page: Home, About or Contact?)
- Home, About, Store, Contact links on top take me some time to realize they're clickable
ElithaStock Featured By Owner May 2, 2009
I love it! I think it has a classic look but with a contemporary twist.
fensterer Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
I think it looks really good. Very pleasant asthetics! Nice job, Jasmin! :)
kuschelirmel Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you Phil!
CindysArt Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Wow!!! this is so good!! :clap:
kuschelirmel Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
snowmask Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Quite a very feminine and styalised layout that's very iconic to your work :heart: The header is very attractive and the content is easily navigable :nod:
kuschelirmel Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:hug: :heart:
Deep-Brown Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009
Just a quick bit of advice: If you must use a specific font, make sure you embed it or use a transparent png through CSS or something (I personally use the margin-left:-100000px; background-image: url(blahblah); replacement hack. For the moment, at least. Roll on CSS3...), else those of us who don't have Kunstler Script (Or Kuenstler Script or whatever) can get the full effect. You'll probably need to use pngs/gifs, as I doubt you have an embedding license.
As it happens, the replacement font does affect the layout considerably. I'll drop a screenie into my scraps after this comment. If you don't want to use images or embedding to get the right font to us, at least use the font-family: tag so there's a backup or two or three.

Onto the actual design (where I'm useless tbh, but I'll do my best)
I (personally) find sidebars annoying, but that's just me. More to the point, though, I find this one detracts from the actual content because it is darker and generally "heavier" than the actual content, although that might just be me.
The header is gorgeous, and I like the way you've broken the otherwise strict column layout with the search box. Provides some interest :). OTOH putting the tag cloud at the bottom makes it seem like an afterthought - it is better than putting it into the sidebar though, which is already crammed. The RSS button, I wouldn't put in orange, if only to stay with the site and so as not to detract from content, but perhaps if you moved it up, say, to the right of the links.

Anyway, I might continue this tomorrow if I have time. As it is, I need to sleep. Remember, it's your blog, so if you think I'm talking total bull (which I quite possibly am), just ignore me :)
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