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Awaking Anubis by kuschelirmel Awaking Anubis by kuschelirmel
For #PhotoManipulatorsx3's contest "Glow in the Dark". Just in time ;)

Lately, I seem to be on a roll, especially when I see Cathleen's images ^^; I hope the muse is planning on staying put a little longer :D

PS: the title takes some artistic freedom with Anubis, who is always portraied as jackal-faced. Of course this manip is not historically correct, but for the title, "Awaking Anubis" sounded so much better than "Awaking some lesser god" or worse "awaking some guard" ;)
On another note: if all you have to say is some smart-ass comment about if this is Anubis, Ra, Horus or whoever, then keep it to yourself. To clarify: don't bother commenting if you have nothing else to say altogether; if it's just one of the things that comes to mind, you're welcome to say it, but if it's all you have to say, I simply do not care. You can't upload anything without a title, I was uncreative and found an alliteration, that is all there is to it. If you want to correct someone, go tell your mom or whoever else might want to hear it.

If you can't read it's your business. If you can't can the "political correctness" bullshit, I feel sorry for you. What you are doing is not being polite or respectful, it's ridiculous. And I don't have to listen to it, so now the comments are turned off until I feel the attention has subsided to a level where not every damn idiot on dA wants to lecture me.

PPS: Thank you for the DD, I do appreciate it! :heart:

UPDATE 10/2013: I have decided to leave the comments turned off, simply because I don't want to see the bullshit people left on here and don't want to "inspire" people to leave more of the same; even if there certainly would be people commenting "normally", the bigger part is going to jump on the drama waggon either rooting for or against me. As I still find the whole "argument/discussion/whatever" highly ridiculous, I'm just gonna leave it be.

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// Stock Credits
Statue & woman =CathleenTarawhiti [x] | fire pedestals by ~Confussed-Stock [x] | fire by ~Mind-Matter [x] [x] | scorpion by ~DemoncherryStock [x] | background and pillars by *lilok-lilok [x] [x]
Thank you all for sharing! :heart:

My art is not your stock! So hands off! If you want resources to play with, please visit =kuschelirmel-stock

Daily Deviation

Given 2013-09-02
Awaking Anubis by `kuschelirmel is beautifully lit, seamless, and cleverly composed. The artist tells an intriguing story through imagery, inviting the viewer to lean a bit closer to learn the secrets therein. Don't miss other delicious eye candy from this artist's gallery! ( Featured by Aeirmid )
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August 24, 2013
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