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Photomanipulation for Beginners
an article about what photomanipulation is and what you need to try it - and on the ever so important issue of "where do I get pictures to play with?"

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Of Copyright & Premades
is an article that strives to explain what copyright means, who it protects and that simply putting work into something will not make using something without permission okay.
Know your Basics - article series:
A series of articles that try to explain some basics in art that you may or may not have heard of before but didn't know what to do with them. All of them are written especially for photo- manipulators, but the principles should hold true in any genre.

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Tutorial Treasury
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These are just a small excerpt from my tutorial gallery
at my stock & resources account

Overview: Photoshop / Photomanipulation Tutorials


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The Bath by kuschelirmel
The Bath
80 deviations


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi there,
I'm Jasmin - I'm an engineer who loves pretty things,
above all butterflies and photomanips*.
I used to be the gallery mod for the photomanipulation category in 2006/07 and from Nov 2010 to April 2012.

* and chocolate of course, I almost forgot chocolate!
Please Note:
  • I often don't have much time during the week, so answers to comments and notes will be slow - I do read every single comment and I do try to answer all in a timely fashion, but sometimes it can take a week or two.
  • My artwork is not available for free and I don't do commissions.
    • If you want images you can drag through photoshop, feel free to take those available at kuschelirmel-stock.
    • If you like my work and want to share it, use the share buttons, don't repost!
    • If you want to use my artwork for a book cover, cd cover or the like, please contact me via note or email at kuschelirmel<at> and don't forget to tell me something about the project and its circumstances as well as which image(s) you are interested in - I will tell you the price for licensing one of my images according to the info I get from you, so be as specific as you can!
    • I'm sorry, I do not take commissions any more as it would not be fair to make you wait while I sort out my dayjob and other real life stuff -- if you think you are the exception because your project might interest me anyway, contact me and tell me about it. Just be aware that my time issues will not go away even if I do find your project to be the coolest there is...

Which of the following is your personal favourite? Is there something about it you'd like to know (technique, concept, idea,...)? It's for a project ;) 

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Tagged - and now it's your turn

Wed Mar 11, 2015, 10:28 AM by kuschelirmel:iconkuschelirmel:
Water Magic by kuschelirmel

Aeirmid tagged me, so now you have to listen to 10 facts about myself :giggle:

The Rules

1) You must post these rules 
2) Share 10 facts about yourself 
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag 
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in your journal
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that". 
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
7) No tag-backs. 
8) You can't say that you don't do tags. of course you can, but I'd love it if you did this anyway, pretty please :aww:
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments. 

My 10 facts

1. I'm an engineer, I build big plants and I love it :D Two of the plants I designed are actually running now and seeing that makes me really proud and feels satisfying.

2. I don't care much for birthday wishes and such. I find it unnecessary to be congratulated on something I had nothing to do with. Because of that, I have a terrible memory for other people's birthdays and miss them on a regular basis (or maybe the terrible memory came before that explanation, who knows). It's not meant to be rude, I just don't do that kind of social interaction well :shrug:

3. I'm German and I'm currently living in Frankfurt am Main, but I want to move back south to Karlsruhe where I used to study. What I love about Karlsruhe is the atmosphere in the city (it's full of students, sometimes it's even a little too "alternative" for my taste, but certainly more "mine" than Frankfurt with its banker clientele) and the way it is situated in between the Black Forest and France (I love to eat French food). Plus there are lakes all over the Rhine valley, too.

4. Short version: I hate that women quota thing that was just introduced for Germany. It feels like it makes things worse instead of being helpful.
Long version: I am big on equality, but not on feminism as such. I believe everyone should be treated equally, no matter their skin colour, religion, gender or whatever else. But if you make a decision for your life that makes you less qualified for a certain job than the next person, I firmly believe you have to live with the consequences (for example, if you choose to stay at home for your kids and when you get back to work, someone else gets the job you wanted because they are now more experienced than you because they didn't choose to stay at home). I think equality in that context should mean being able to actually make such a choice instead of being forced into doing one thing or other. In my example, it means you should be given the choice to stay at home or go back to work instead of being more or less forced to stay at home (reasons could be: no one wants a mum as employee because they could miss days when their kid is sick / you don't have the possibility to work because no one but you can watch the kid (grandparents live further away, kindergarten places are full and daycare is too expensive for example) / etc). If it would be clear that it's a personal choice to stay at home for a while and you need to live with your choices, I think most people could agree with that. And the dads would appreciate some time off to be with the kids sometimes as well. When "everyone is doing it" (staying at home for a few months to take care of the kids / going home early to fetch the kid from kindergarten or daycare / refusing to work through the weekend / etc) then the repercussions would be equally distributed and it would soon become normal. And probably a nicer way of life for everyone. And on top, no one would need some ridiculous quota of how many women need to be in a given position. Personally, I would hate to be "that woman who is just here because of the quota". I want to be the person who got the job because s/he was the right one to do it. (I really hate that quota thing - makes me feel like I need to shout "but I am here for my QUALIFICATIONS!" at every turn.)

5. I have a tattoo that starts at my right shoulder (a flower) across my whole back (butterflies and a phoenix) and ends on my left thigh (the tail feathers of the phoenix). I'd love to get my right arm done, but work comes first, so I don't. But each time I see a nice sleeve, I sigh a little ^^;

6. I love coffee and chocolate, especially chocolate. At work, near my desk, I have quite a few postcards with chocolate-related stuff on them. One says "Save the earth, it's the only planet with chocolate!" and another "Everything's good as long as it's made from chocolate" (which sounds a bit more elegant in German: "Alles ist gut wenn es aus Schokolade ist").

7. I've been watching waaaay too many cooking shows lately. On TV, on youtube, wherever I can get my hands on them ^^; 

8. I've been awol lately because my muse seems awol lately, too. I wish I could just flip a switch and create something new ^^; Any ideas?

9. I've been reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books since September. All of them in a row without pause :o I've never done that with any series (except maybe Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire - well I would have if their authors would have written them faster :giggle:) and now I'm on my second run through. That's how good I think they are :D

10. I love Whisk(e)y, even the smokey kind :drunk:

Jade's questions

1. What is your most bothersome weakness or vice?
I have a really big mouth and will voice my opinions loudly. In combination with being quick to judge (and thus speaking things out loud you just shouldn't be speaking out loud when you've just met someone) this can be rather awkward :bucktooth:

2. What is your biggest wish for DeviantArt?
*phew* maybe one not for dA as a site but for the users: chill out ;) But then again, that would be strange... :giggle: So don't change (too much), I like it here!

3. Chewbacca vs. The Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story . . . who makes a better pet/companion?
Der Glücksdrache Fuchur! (I may be biased though, I grew up with the Neverending Story)

4. Nerd, dork, or geek?
Nerd, after this diagram:… :D

5. What is the coolest thing about yourself that you wish more people would notice?
erm. I dunno. Did I mention I voice my opinions loudly? I also voice it when I think someone should notice something, at least to my friends. And if anyone else notices, I mostly don't care anyway. 

6. Be honest: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Haha. Fanfiction, I guess. Reading it and writing it (though it takes me ages to write, I still enjoy it immensely) -->…

7. How did you meet the most important person (or dog) of your life?
I met my boyfriend at university, in front of a lecture room. That was 13 years ago :aww: (no, we're not married)

8. Is it truly better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?
Yes. (I can be a hopeless romantic -- maybe that is the guiltier pleasure after all ^^;)

9. What have you always wanted to do but never thought you could?
I'd love to sing, but I know I can't ;)

10. How do you know me? What is our first memory as friends?
I was a CV and you were someone in the manip community who always tried to help others, so I asked you if you wanted to be the next CV when I'd step down. We had many a long chat on Skype after that :aww:

My questions

1. Name something you really love (nothing living, not an activity, an actual thing).
2. Now name something you love to do.
3. Name a topic you can get all worked up / passionate about.
4. If you could go on a 3 week vacation anywhere you wanted (money doesn't matter), where would you go?
5. Who shot first?
6. What is the piece of art in your own gallery that you are most emotional about (and why, if it's not too personal)?
7. Is there a piece of art / an artist (on dA or elsewhere) that has influenced your own artistic endeavors profoundly? If so, in which way?
8. What was your favourite subject in school and does your current job (or field of study) have anything to do with it? (if you are still in school, you could turn it around to the job you want to be doing later)
9. Are you happy?
10. Coffee or tea?

I tag

AlexandraVBach dholms Foxfires MarcelaBolivar neverdying grohsARTig Whendell zummerfish tsheva AquaSixio
I know some of you are busy bees and/or are on here only sporadically - but maybe you feel like doing a part of this, pretty-please? :flirty:


My gallery is copyrighted (c) Jasmin Junger. None of the images may be used without consent. I do license my images for book covers, cd covers and the like - please contact me via e-mail kuschelirmel<at> to discuss details. I do not give away my art for free!

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
A former volunteer with the Artist Relations team, `kuschelirmel has always been a wonderful role model within the community.
With a vibrant and eclectic gallery that would make anyone proud, her dedication to providing informative and easy to follow tutorials, journal CSS, and inspirational stock is clearly long overdue for recognition.
Join us in congratulating Jasmin in being awarded this month's Deviousness Award.
-awarded August 2008


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